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Not a designer? Not a problem.
Creating a Wedzine is easy. And you've got options.

Custom Wedzines. We know: That wedding to-do list is scary. So let us build your Wedzine for you. Just share your story and photos with our professional team, and we'll take it from there. Custom packages include start-to finish production at your choice of service level, glossy copies of your custom keepsake and a digital version for e-sharing.

DIY Wedzines. The big day can lead to some big spending. Feeling a little dollar-conscious? Our affordable DIY Wedzines work for any budget. Use our online app to choose stylish templates, create personalized articles and upload your favorite photos. With our Build & Print option, you can choose to receive glossy copies of your Wedzine or a high-resolution pdf that you can have professionally printed yourself. Or, choose our Digital option and receive a permanent link to an e-version of your Wedzine.

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Pam and Howard Wedzines cover